We are nothing without obedience to Ahl al-Bayt(a.s)

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Khadiyan Khas: (JTN) We are nothing without obedience

famous singer, host, beautician and CEO of Barkha TV, Ghazal Shah

explained the virtues of Muharram and said that we are nothing

without the obedience of Ahl al-Bayt to decorate our lives. We have

to obey the methods and the lessons given by the Ahl al-Bayt.

=The message of Karbala is that Islam is the True Religion

Ghazal Shah said that the atrocities committed in Karbala in this

month give us a message to resist oppression and oppressors

because the Prophet ﷺ, the children of the Prophet ﷺ In order

to save the religion of his grandfather and to keep the knowledge of

the word of truth high, he sacrificed his life, his property and his

children and told the Muslim Ummah that this religion is the true

religion whose leader, Prophet Muhammad Mustafa is the last

Proghet of Allah.

=The Ahl al-Bayt of Prophet Muhammad sacrificed everything

He is a prophet, his religion has priority over all religions and he

spread the message of Allah throughout the world that if you obey

Allah and His Prophet, you will get prosperity. To spread this

message and save the religion, the Ahl al-Bayt sacrificed everything.

The necks were cut, but the word of truth prevailed and did not bow

down to the oppression of the tyrant. Ghazal Shah added that we

should also In order to spread the message forward, we have to

firmly hold the feet of Ahl al-Bayt and follow the true path of their

religion, then we will be prosperous and we will be able to speak our

rights in front of the oppressors.

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We are nothing without obedience

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