US is also responsible for the plight of Afghan women
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NEW YORK (JTN) US is also responsible

The United States has added to the plight of Afghan women by

freezing Afghan assets, according to independent UN experts. In

addition, the US government has been blamed for the plight of

Afghan women. Human rights experts have said in a statement that

gender-based violence in Afghanistan has been a serious threat to

women and girls, but that US-imposed violence The measures have

added to the threat. According to the statement, the current

humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is having a disproportionate

impact on women and children.

= US measures increase risks

In February, US President Joe Biden issued an executive order

restoring access to half of the assets, with the rest to be paid to the

victims of the 9/11 attacks. Independent experts added in their

statement that under international human rights law Other

governments, including the United States, have a responsibility to

make sure that their actions do not infringe on their rights.

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US is also responsible , US is also responsible

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