US IPEF is a move to dominate the region, Nepali scholar

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Kathmandu: (JTN) US IPEF is a move to dominate

The so-called Indo-Pacific Economic Framework is nothing more

than a US ploy to further its hegemony in the region, Says Acting

Chairman of China Study Center in Nepal. Joe Biden’s visit to Japan

was part of an effort to give economic color to the so-called four-

member security talks (quad) during the launch of the economic


=Its not in the interests of the participating countries

Speaking to a foreign news agency, Bhatari said that there was no

doubt that the main objective of Japan, India, Australia and the

United States in the quad was to compete with the rise of China,

which the United States has been pursuing since World War II. He

acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat

Trump’s government, but said that maintaining some independence

was important for the United States. And work in control, and focus

on promoting the supremacy of the Indo-Pacific region, and it is not

in the best interests of the participating countries.

=Issues can lead to various conflicts within the framework

Biased roles and issues can lead to various conflicts within the

framework. He believes that China’s supply chain capacity is wider

and stronger than that of Japan, Australia or India in terms of both

quantity and quality.

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US IPEF is a move to dominate

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