US compensate the loss of the Afghan people, China

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NEW YORK: (JTN) US compensate the loss

The Chinese envoy to the United Nations, speaking at the 50th

session of the UN Human Rights Council on the Afghan issue,

stressed that the United States is about to initiate the Afghan issue

and address it to the Afghan people. Concrete steps should be taken

to repair the damage caused.

=United States looted Afghan assets, adding suffering of the people

A Chinese envoy said on Friday that a large number of innocent

civilians in Afghanistan had been killed by the US military or in the

war, and that tens of millions had become refugees. The United

States hastily withdrew its troops from Afghanistan irresponsibly,

causing a severe humanitarian crisis for the Afghan people. Instead

of fulfilling its responsibility to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis

of the Afghan people, the United States openly plundered the

national assets of Afghans and added to the suffering of the Afghan


=US immediately lift unilateral sanctions on Afghanistan, China

China urges the United States to immediately and comprehensively

lift its unilateral sanctions against Afghanistan, return the assets of

the Afghan people unconditionally, and take concrete steps to offset

the damage done to the Afghan people.

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US compensate the loss

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