United States should lift sanctions on Iran, UN

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NEW YORK: (INP) United States should lift sanctions

The United Nations has called on the United States to withdraw

from the nuclear deal and lift sanctions against Iran.

=IAEA Ongoing to inspections in Iran, Security Council

The Security Council requested that in addition to the International

Atomic Energy Agency’s ongoing inspections in Iran, that it monitor

Iran’s compliance with “the steps required by the IAEA Board”.

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According to Erna, UN Under-Secretary-General Rosemary de Carlo

read out Resolution 231 and the 13th report on the implementation

of the UN Security Council and called on the United States to lift all

sanctions against Iran.

=China Welcome the indirect Talks between US and Iran.

On the other hand, the Chinese representative in the Security

Council has also demanded the lifting of unilateral sanctions by the

United States against Tehran. “We welcome the indirect talks

between the United States and Iran in Qatar,” Chinese envoy Zhang

Jun told a Security Council meeting.

=The prospect of a resumption of the nuclear deal after the US-Iran talks is even worse

Indirect talks between Iran and the United States over a nuclear deal

have ended inconclusively, according to media reports. An official,

speaking on condition of anonymity, said the prospects for a post-

Doha deal were worse than before and would continue to


=US failing havn’t wish to deal on nuclear issue. Iran

However, Iran welcomed the Doha talks. He accused the United

States of failing to guarantee that the new US administration would

not abandon the deal, as Trump had done. In the absence of

diplomatic relations between the United States and Iran, the talks in

Doha were held indirectly, with delegations talking in separate

rooms and through mediators. Of conversation

United States should lift sanctions

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