Ukraine negotiate with Russia, US General Mark Comet

Washington: (JTN) Ukraine negotiate with Russia

Retired US Army Brigadier General Mark Comet said that it is better

for Ukraine to negotiate with Russia now. “It’s becoming increasingly

difficult for NATO to sustain the conflict, so Kyiv should consider

negotiating with Moscow,” the former US general said in an article

in the magazine, citing Washington’s fresh approach to Ukraine last


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The latest military aid package included older and less modern

weapons, which could indicate that additional battlefield weapons

provided to Ukraine are running out, he said, which would mean a

longer conflict between Ukraine and Russia. that NATO countries will

run out of major weapons stockpiles and as a result of such a

situation Western countries will face more pressure, persistent

inflation, gas shortages to keep warm in winter, and their world.

NATO arming Ukraine could spread the war to Europe

Overall popularity may also decrease, in 2008 as the US Assistant

Secretary of State for Political and Military Affairs. General Retired

Mark T. Committ, who served on the 1990s, has proposed four ways

to speed up the resolution of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. A strategy

of attacking targets in Russia should be adopted with the delivery of

weapons needed by Ukraine in the NATO stockpile, including TACM

missiles, F-16 jets, long-range missiles such as Patriots, however,

with these proposals The former US general warned that adopting

such a strategy would almost certainly provoke a strong response

from Moscow and risk a full-scale war in Europe.

Ukraine negotiate with Russia

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