Rubella virus threat, Turkey returns wheat to India

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ANKARA (JTN) Turkey returns wheat to India

Turkey has returned more than 56,000 tonnes of wheat due to

suspected presence of rubella virus in wheat. According to media

reports, Turkey had purchased 56,877 tonnes of wheat from India

and shipped the ship Arrived off the coast of Turkey but the

authorities there refused to allow Indian wheat into the country.

=During Corona epidemic we can’t take any risks. Turkish Officials

Turkish officials have expressed concern about the presence of

rubella virus in Indian wheat. Turkish Agriculture and Health

Department officials have justified the presence of the virus in

wheat, sending the whole wheat back to India, saying that during

the Corona epidemic. They can’t take any more risks.

=A wave of concern spread in Indian farmers,traders & the authorities

After the return of thousands of tons of wheat purchased by Turkey

and the discovery of rubella virus in it, a wave of concern has spread

among Indian farmers and traders and the authorities also appear to

be worried. But Indian officials have not commented on Turkey’s

decision, but agricultural experts have not ruled out the possibility

that wheat could contain the rubella virus.

=If rubella virus in wheat confirmed, farmers faces huge lose, Experts

The virus can also be found in grains. Indian agronomists and

farmers fear that if the presence of rubella virus in wheat is

confirmed, farmers could lose billions of rupees and no country

buys Indian wheat. Rubella virus is a viral fever, this disease in

children Measles is considered to be a type of measles.

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Turkey returns wheat to India , Turkey returns wheat to India

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