Transgender Economic Empowerment

Transgender Economic Empowerment

Transgender Economic Empowerment & Reduce Social Inequalities,

A Pivotal Path To Sustainable Development. Lodhran Pilot Project

Launched Program To Empower Transgender Through Honey Bee

Farming in Lodhran.

Lodhran – (jtnonline news) Keeping up with its legacy of

empowering the vulnerable and marginalized segments of the

society, Lodhran Pilot Project (LPP), under its Livelihood program,

has initiated a beekeeping project where honey bees are farmed to

produce honey on a commercial scale.

Women from Lodhran have experienced earning

Transgender Economic Empowerment

This project, in collaboration with WWF Pakistan, goes a step further

and extends support to the most ostracized, discriminated, and

persecuted community in Pakistan, the transgender. 05 transgender

persons and 20 community members including a substantial

number of women from Lodhran have experienced earning for

themselves for the very first time in their lives through this initiative.

program is offering work readiness skills, equal opportunities

Transgender Economic Empowerment

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Saboor, the Chief Executive Officer of Lodhran

Pilot Project said that Lodhran Pilot Project’s program is offering

work readiness skills, and equal opportunities of development to

transgender community to help reach economic stability.

WWF Pakistan provided the technical support

Before formal launch of this initiative at field level, this group of

transgender, women and community memberswas registered for a

short course on commercial beekeeping. The course was designed

with a mixture of theoretical knowledge and hands on experience in

apiary bee colonies. WWF Pakistan provided the technical support

for this initiative of Lodhran Pilot Project.

Training on Honeybee Farming on commercial basis

Transgender Economic Empowerment

Goshi, Babra, Saman, Sunaina and Guriya are initially 5 members

who have attended the 2 days training from Lodhran Pilot Project

on Honeybee Farming on commercial basis. Goshi is the only

member of the group who has studied till 10th standard.

Failed due to transgender stigma

After passing her matriculation, she acquired computer and typing

skills to find a decent job but failed due to transgender stigma,

harassment and discouraging social attitudes. “We cannot be

thankful enough of LPP for understanding our needs and helping us

to be part of the society. My first earning from this initiative is little

more than 8 thousand rupees. But I am glad that at least I am

earning with dignity”, Goshi shared.

Project to address the prevalence of discrimination

Transgender Economic Empowerment

Through this program Lodhran Pilot Project is trying to address the

prevalence of discrimination and social exclusion on the basis of

gender identity. Despite legal protection, transgender community in

Pakistan face social stigma, extreme poverty due to lack of

economic opportunities and violent attacks.

United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Socially shunned with zero or limited opportunities of education,

work and access to justice force trans community to live a life of

misery. United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are

guiding principles forthe mission of Lodhran Pilot Project. Therefore,

empowering marginalized segments of society and efforts for

economic equality and social justice remains at the heart of each

project and programme of LPP, said Dr. Abdul Saboor, the CEO of

LPP while explaining the objective of the initiative of honeybee


Decent living stable livelihood

This initiative will contribute to UN’s SDG 1 No Poverty, SDG 2 Zero

Hunger, SDG 5 Gender Equality, SDG 8 Decent Work & Economic

Growth and SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities by enabling transgender

community, women and rural poor to earn a decent living for

themselves and their families and reach a stable livelihood.

All the investment has been done by LPP and WWF

Apart from equipping them with beekeeping skills, LPP has also

helped transgender and women set five honeybee farms. All the

investment has been done by LPP and WWF has buoyed the idea

while providing the technical support. This has enabled them to

start their own business.

Each farm produces 7 to 8 kg of honey

The land for the farm has also been provided by LPP in LPP’s Urban

Forest for the trans group due to non-availability of the specific

space for the honey bee farm at their residence. Every farm has the

capacity to harvest thirty thousand to fifty thousand honeybees and

each farm produces 7 to 8 kg of honey.

LPP aim to expand this idea

Transgender Economic Empowerment

This produce is enough to finance the expenditure of one family for

a month. Moreover, these people are being trained to market honey

effectively. We at LPP aim to expand this idea and enable the

economic growth of more transgender individuals with time. But the

batch of five people has set the stage for a better brighter future by

challenging and changing the mindsets of people.

About Lodhran Pilot Project

Lodhran Pilot Project is a non-profit and non-government

organisation striving to create a just society by helping the most

marginalized segments to access equality of opportunity and

participation in the development process since 1999 in different

parts of Pakistan. Lodhran Pilot Project was founded on the footstep

of Orangi Pilot Project, however, today the organisation has

expanded its operations to 10 cities of Pakistan, contributing to

achieve 09 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals and reaching

over 2 million people through its projects and programmes.

Transgender Economic Empowerment , Transgender Economic Empowerment

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