The world peace , test of the American Democrats

The world peace , test of the American Democrats

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The world peace

(Written by Abu Raja Haider)

Natchez is adamant that in the science of international relations,

one does not fully understand the distinction between the US

role in global and regional politics and its (US) domestic politics.

Readers, consider that the final and logical outcome of the 40-year world war

was the overthrow of the Soviet empire and the domination of

Russian teens in the world. The second major consequence of this

was the golden opportunity in American history for him

(Washington) to become the only acceptable leader in the world.

“Acceptable” here means that which is recognized by the

governments of the world and the world community as superior to

the mind and heart and the real non-controversial and lonely

(worldly, political) power. For this, the United States had to take off

its “American” lens and prove itself a fully responsible and just world

power. Its basic requirement was that, with the cooperation and

cooperation of its living and active allies in each region, it removes

obstacles to the full implementation of the UN Charter and the

implementation of the decisions of this world body.

Extensive research will prove the hypothesis that the United States

lost a great and certain opportunity for world peace and security at

the opportunity for the United States and the world.

conquest and making America the ruler of the world. It was a

reflection of the classical thinking of the American Republicans.

There is no doubt that by adopting the same approach, the

Republican Reagan administration won a landslide victory over

Jimmy Carter and came to power. Focused aggressively to end the

aggression, with Pakistan becoming its first active and tandem

victorious partner.


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The world peace

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