The son is also our military adviser, the first lady of Ukraine

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Kyiv (JTN) The son is military adviser

The wife of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky (First Lady) Olina

Zelenska has taken it seriously that she talks openly with her two

sons about the war. She also talks about her fears of being

separated from her father in the ongoing battle to save her. He

believes that the war with Russia has brought his country to the

brink of disaster and that President Zelensky’s family is not able to

give him time but that he is fighting to save the country. Hard to

believe That his 9-year-old son, Carillo, advises his father (the

president) on military matters.

=9-year-old son, Carillo is specializes in military and political affairs

In an interview, She said her son specializes in military and political

affairs. He knows everything. Carillo gives us military advice. He tells

us what to buy. He talks to his father about what kind of tanks, lanes

and helicopters, we need to buy and what we lack and which

countries are helping us. He also tells who is good and who is bad.

He is a military expert. You can talk to him about it for months.

=Ukraine vows not to use rocket launchers to target US inside Russia

Ukraine has promised the United States that it will not use new

advanced rocket launchers to hit targets inside Russia, according to

media reports. Said in a joint press conference. “The Ukrainians have

assured us that they will not use these systems against targets in the

Russian region,” he said, adding that there is a strong bond of trust

between Ukraine and the United States as well as our allies and

partners. Blanken also said that Russia’s war against Ukraine could

last for several months.

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The son is military adviser , The son is military adviser

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