The right demand from the West

The right demand

Expressing the sentiments of Muslims around the world,

Prime Minister Imran Khan has rightly pointed out the fact that the

Holy Prophet lives in the hearts of Muslims but extremist Western

politicians insult the Prophet of Islam in the name of freedom of

expression. However, blasphemy cannot be tolerated under the

guise of freedom of expression. Therefore, blasphemy against the

Holy Prophet (PBUH) should be made a punishable crime like the

Holocaust. Explaining the reason for the decision to ban

Tehreek-e-Libek, the Prime Minister clarified that the move was

necessary under the anti-terrorism law as it challenged the

functioning of the state and created riots in the streets.

To understand the situation,

it is important to keep in mind the fact that in October last year,

French President Emmanuel Machiavelli published objectionable

sketches calling for freedom of expression rather than an act of

blasphemy in honor of the last of the prophets. When he was

encouraged, the Muslims of the world reacted strongly to it.

Strong protest in Pakistan against France

There was also a strong protest in Pakistan against France and it was

demanded to send back its ambassador. Tehreek-e-Lubaik played a

leading role in the protest and reached an agreement with the

Pakistani government that legislation would be enacted within three

months to send back the French ambassador.


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The right demand

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