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Peshawar.Report By I R Khan

The trade unions of Central and Karimpura Bazaar have pledged to work together to further enhance mutual cooperation to solve the problems of Peshawar’s business community

Habibullah, who has won the election for the chairmanship and election commissioner in Karimpura Bazaar, a well-known commercial center of Peshawar, has been receiving congratulations for many days.

Yesterday, the president of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the central organization of traders
Accompanied by Malik Mehr Elahi, the presidents of different bazaars congratulated Karimpura Bazaar No. 1 newly elected Chairman and Election Commissioner Habibullah on his victory in the election.
And expressed good wishes. On this occasion, the problems of the business community of Karimpura Bazaar and their solutions were discussed in detail and further enhancement of mutual cooperation was assured.

The newly elected chairman Habibullah thanked President Malik Mehr Elahi, members and all the presidents for their congratulations and said that the services rendered by the Central Organization of Traders President and Cabinet to the business community are not hidden from anyone.
Mehr Elahi has always raised his voice for the rights of the traders, in solving problems without any discrimination and will continue to address the frustrations of the business community in the future as well. Habibullah reiterated his commitment to serve Karimpura Bazaar and assured full cooperation with the Central Organization of Traders to solve the problems of the business community.

In the end, the national anthem was heard under the patronage of Malik Mehr Elahi, President of Central Traders Organization of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, while the commitment to serve the traders was reiterated.

It is hoped that Habibullah will live up to the expectations of the business community, says political leader Syed Fayyaz Ali Shah

Political figure QWP senior leader Syed Fayyaz Ali Shah also congratulated the newly elected chairman of Bazar Karimpura and Election Commissioner Habibullah on his victory and expressed hope that Habib Shah would take the Issues seriously, On this occasion, Habibullah said that he would move forward not only with Karimpura Bazaar but also with the vision of Syed Fayyaz Ali Shah “Peshawar First”.



He was, is and will be with the journalist organizations, Habibullah



On the occasion, Kashif Rasheed, Provincial General Secretary, Journalist Forums (NSAF) and Malik Rizwan Ahmed, Senior Crime Reporter, CTJF also congratulated the newly elected Chairman Habibullah on his victory.
For which Habibullah thanked him
He said that journalism is the fourth pillar of the state, the journalist is the eye of the society,
Journalists have always used their pens for the legitimate demands, protection and betterment of the country the nation and for the business community, And I promise that the business community will always have a close relationship with the journalist community in the fight for freedom the of Press

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