The Jazba Program strives to provide protection to women

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PESHAWAR: (I.R.Khan) The Passion Program strives

Journalist Imran Rasheed

=Seminar on Women’s Rights at Peshawar Press Club

A seminar on women’s rights was organized at Peshawar Press Club

under the joint cooperation of Aurat Foundation and South Asia

Partnership Pakistan, in which Saima Munir, Project in-charge of

Aurat Foundation, ‘Auttal Program Officer’ Ayesha Rehman, social

worker Samina Advocate, Rubina Khan Advocate, women lawyers,

eunuchs and Christian community women and men participated. In

the program, the rights of women and the problems faced by them

were discussed and the women and eunuchs of the Christian

community informed about the problems faced by the officials of

Auart Foundation’s Jazba program, on which the women officials of

Aurat Foundation and Jazba Purghuradam. She assured them of all

kinds of cooperation and putting the problem before the relevant


=Jazba program promote gender equality among women

Ayesha Rehman, program officer of Jazba, said that the aim of Ezwa

program is to promote gender equality among women, to raise

awareness among them about their rights and to promote the

purposeful role of women in political activities, to identify local

problems and to help relevant departments to solve them. To

consult with and highlight local level issues through mass media.

This effort of South Asia Partnership and Aurat Publication and

Information Service Foundation (Aurat Foundation) is a step towards

making Pakistan a more peaceful, prosperous and democratic


=Jazba program considered indispensable in the democratic process

Ayesha Rehman further said that in order to make the struggle for

women’s rights a success, the Jazba program includes the

marginalized and neglected sections of the Pakistani society,

including religious and cultural minorities, eunuchs, special people

and the majority of workers. Shulit is considered indispensable in

the democratic process. For the implementation of this project, such

areas of the four provinces of Pakistan including 25 districts of

Gilgit-Baltistan have been selected, including Saip. Pakistan and

Aurat Foundation have done various development activities in the

past, in addition to these 25 selected districts, space has also been

reserved for 15 other districts which are likely to expand the

women’s struggle and need support in more local campaigns. are

present in the plan.

=Jazba program raise the problem with the relevant department

Ayesha Rehman, program officer of Jazba, said that Jazba program is

trying to provide protection to women from violence, similarly, Jazba

program cooperates with government and non-governmental

organizations at the district, provincial and national levels to prevent

any kind of violence against women and girls. In this regard, they are

in constant contact with various government and non-government

organizations, wherever women face any problem, they raise the

problem with the relevant department and take full measures to

solve it.

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The Passion Program strives , The Passion Program strives , The Passion Program strives

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