The ITI Train Project, in the current global context

The ITI Train Project, in the current global context

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The ITI Train Project

( Espacial Report )

In our country, in today’s Pakistani territory, the British laid a railway

line from Karachi to Ko Thadi in 1861 and started train service. In

1961, during the rule of President Ayub Khan, the centenary of

railways was celebrated. At that time, Pakistan Western The Eastern

and Eastern Railways were developing rapidly in the region and the

plan to run an electric train from Lahore to Khanewal was nearing

completion. The railway system in Pakistan was stable and standard.

Until 1970, Pakistan Railways was for-profit and the largest

government department, which began to decline in the 1970s and

the railway department went into deficit instead of profit.

Pakistan Railways was one and a half centuries old

In 2011, when Pakistan Railways was one and a half centuries old, I

wrote a book called “Rail of a Century” which was published in the

same year. At that time, the railway department was almost 50%

destroyed. Due to the depletion of oil in railway locomotives, trains

often stood at stations for eight to ten hours.

various countries around the world

Hundreds of kilometers of railway tracks were closed during this

period and some are still closed but at the same time a train from

Turkey and Iran from Islamabad to Istanbul under the 2009 plan ran

in August 2010 and immediately Bangladesh and India He

requested Pakistan to facilitate the transportation of goods through

this railway line to Iran, Turkey, and later to Central Asia and Europe

after expansion, but since then the governments coming up to 2018,

No train has run since then, while many rail connectivity projects

have been completed in various countries around the world, with

China playing a key role.

Started big track laying projects.

In countries like Japan, the USA, Spain, France, and China, the speed

limit of passenger trains has been increased to 450 km per hour.

Our neighbor India has started to train service up to thousands of

feet in the foothills of the Himalayas, Occupied Kashmir, and other

areas, and in some parts of India, the speed of passenger trains has

been increased to 250 mph, while India has railways in countries like

Afghanistan and Iran. Started big track laying projects.

ECO Economic Cooperation Organization

China has started railway service from Central Asia to Iran. India is

trying to compete with China with the support of the United States,

Britain and their allies, but our governments were under pressure

from unknown Western countries. That we not only destroyed our

entire railway system but also put the project on hold after the lone

train runs under the ECO Economic Cooperation Organization in

2009 and 2010.


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The ITI Train Project

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