The Chinese economy & currency will grow, British expert
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LONDON (JTN) The Chinese economy & currency

The growing importance of the Chinese economy and China’s

efforts have given the Chinese currency, the renminbi, international

prominence, and the pace is expected to continue, a British expert

said. In an interview, John Noe Reich, a senior lecturer in Economics

of China at King’s College London, said that China’s economy has

grown rapidly in recent decades and is the world’s second-largest

economy and the world’s largest economy by purchasing power.

Has become He said that given the growing global importance of

the Chinese economy, it is not surprising that Renminbi’s strength in

the international arena.

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The expert said that China is the largest trading country (in goods)

in the world and is mainly operating as a renminbi campaign for

renminbi in international, renminbi trade transactions. Experts

emphasize that the renminbi is relatively less important as a global

capital and reserve currency. Noe Reach said that the Chinese

government has actively pursued international measures to increase

the international acceptance of renminbi. Which has played an

important role in the development of the currency.

The Chinese economy & currency

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