The changing Scenario of South Asia

The changing Scenario

March 2021 has been a turning point in the world, especially in

South Asia. In the post-Trump United States, the Biden

administration is reviewing its strategy in all areas. Talks have begun

between the Chinese and US governments on other disputes,

including trade. The sea? On the South China dispute, Biden said he

was not anti-China but wanted China to abide by international

democratic rules. At a key Quad meeting on March 14, the United

States, India, Australia, and Japan considered a joint strategy to

stem Chinese expansion.

A new kind of Cold War

The nations involved in the Cold War with the Soviet Union faced

the iron wall of the Moscow government, this time competing with

the Western world against China, which is a pioneer of the open

market, capitalism, and economy. China is determined to be the

most powerful and richest. US alliances such as NATO and Quad are

being reactivated. Unlike the Trump administration, the United

States is re-emerging as a leader in world politics.

A new alliance of Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and China is being formed.

China provides ڈالر 400 billion development package to Iran Earlier,

China entered into a historic partnership with Pakistan by allocating

62 62 billion for C-Pack and Uber. Pakistan and Turkey have

collaborated on a number of cultural, technical, and strategic

projects. The strength of this relationship has come to the fore in

the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict, and now Turkey is joining the bloc.

Europe and the United States will not compete with China influence

The launch of the Tehran-Istanbul-Islamabad rail network is a living

example of this cooperation. Pakistan is central to this alliance. With

the development of these diplomatic relations, China is increasing

its influence, which Europe and the United States will not be able to

compete with. If Azerbaijan joins the bloc, these countries will have

a strong influence in the Central Asian markets. Surprisingly, India

and Pakistan in a joint statement in March reaffirmed the

implementation of the 2003 ceasefire agreement.


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The changing Scenario

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