The bride got married to another person in India
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New Delhi (Monitoring Desk) The bride got married

Strange incidents occur in marriages every day in India in which

sometimes the bride refuses to get married and sometimes the

bridegroom gets angry and takes a step. According to Indian media,

a similar incident took place in Maharashtra district The incident

took place in Baldhana where the bride got married to another

person present in the hall when the drunken bridegroom arrived

late for the ceremony.

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The time of the wedding ceremony was fixed at 4 pm. However, the

bride and her family waited for a long time for the arrival of the

bridegroom but the bridegroom and his friends came to the

pavilion at 8 pm instead of 4 pm in a state of intoxication. According

to Indian media, when the bridegroom arrived at the pavilion four

hours late, the father of the bride refused to marry his daughter. He

found one of the relatives who agreed to marry his daughter. So the

bride’s consent. Mandi married her to a relative.

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The bride got married

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