Some painful questions

Some painful questions

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Some painful questions

Espacial Report

How strange that this world entered the modern age because of

Europe because the United States is actually an extension of Europe.

Why all the fountains of invention, invention, research, and creation

came from there? Where and why is the rest of the world sleeping?

And why is it still living on imitation?

Europe becomes the most important

How did Europe become the most important military, political,

economic, and cultural center by the end of the 15th century and

become more active from 1500 to 1750 and rule the American

continent and seas? However, the great Asian powers, the Ottoman

Empire, the Safavids in Iran (Persia), the Mughal rulers in India, and

the Ming and Qing dynasties in China were on the rise. In 1775, 80%

of the world’s economy revolved around Asia. Even the economies

of India and China alone accounted for two-thirds of the world’s

production, compared to Europe’s “economic dwarfism” but in 1700

to 1850 only 100 years of total power. The center moved to Europe

when it gradually conquered much of Asia by defeating in several

wars. By 1900, Europe dominated the world economy and most of

the region. By 1950, Western Europe and the United States were

jointly producing 50% of world production, while China’s share had

shrunk to 5%. New world rules and regulations were emerging.

even if it is “black, brown, and yellow”

Today, in terms of clothing, thinking, food, living, movies, sports,

medicine, politics, war, etc., everyone is “white” and in the race to be

“more white”, even if it is “black, brown, and yellow”. Am



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Some painful questions

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