Significant increase in demand for electricity in Pakistan
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ISLAMABAD (JTN) Significant increase in demand

Rising temperatures in Pakistan have led to a significant increase in

demand for electricity, with the temperature rising by another 10

degrees Celsius in the first week of April. According to the report of

Wealth Pak, the demand for electricity in Pakistan has increased

significantly due to rising temperatures in the market. Extreme levels

of temperatures are expected to rise by up to 10 degrees Celsius.

= Temperature is likely to increase dramatically in the current week

Due to the continuous high pressure in the upper atmosphere, the

daytime temperature is likely to increase dramatically in the current

week. With fuel adjustments in electricity tariffs, the government is

struggling to ensure fuel supply amid high global prices and supply

constraints during the summer months. The Power Division has

asked the Petroleum Division to make necessary arrangements to

meet the power requirements and insisted that LNG be made

available on dispatch merit to enable cheaper power generation.

= NTDC of the Power Division while ordering LNG

The National Transmission and Dispatch Company of the Power

Division, while ordering LNG, claimed that these estimates were

based on hydropower and the ability to generate average renewable

energy. It added that the schedule for the shutdown of the third and

fourth turbines at Tarbela and its impact on the reservoir level in

subsequent months had also been taken into account in calculating

the fuel requirement in which demand, merit order, And network


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Estimates also include the availability of about 1,100 MW Canopus

plant and about 660 MW of Lucky Power according to their

expected operational dates. The forcible shutdown of a Knopp

nuclear plant was reported to affect the planned shutdown of the

plant, which was first approved on April 12, 2022. In recent months,

real fuel prices have outpaced large margins, rising from 100% to

116%. As a result, the sudden rise in electricity prices due to the

monthly fuel adjustment of consumers has caused a sudden price

shock, apparently at the behest of foreign lenders.

Significant increase in demand , Significant increase in demand

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