Saudi Arabia & UAE refused to listen to US President
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The gap between the Arab states and the United States is widening,

leading to fears of major developments in the region. Refused to

talk The broadcaster, in its Arabic edition, quoted the Wall Street

Journal as saying that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of

Saudi Arabia and Sheikh Mohammed Zayed Al Nahyan of the United

Arab Emirates had met with US President Joe Biden in the past few

weeks. The White House has repeatedly tried to persuade Saudi and

Emirati leaders to talk to President Biden, but both leaders have

refused to accept the US president’s phone call, the report said.

= Riyadh considers insulting, UAE consiters FATF Gray list aim to Blackmailing

The United States has said it wants to control global oil prices in the

wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and is seeking to increase

global support for Ukraine. The Biden administration has formally

banned Russian oil imports. Has been pushing for an increase in oil

supplies since the imposition, pushing oil prices to 130$ a barrel, the

highest level in 14 years. The report states that Riyadh considers the

behavior of the Biden administration to be insulting, while the UAE

considers the inclusion of UAE in the Financial Task Force’s (FATF)

gray list. The aim is to blackmail and increase pressure, which is not

acceptable to the state.

= He didn’t care US President What thinks of him, Mohammed

In a recent interview, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

said that he did not care that US President What Biden thinks of

him, but he insists on maintaining strong ties with Washington The

purpose of non-Riyadh. “Saudi Arabia has to maintain and

strengthen its relationship with the United States because we have a

long and historic relationship with it,” he said. Relations between the

two countries had soured.

= It is up to President Biden to think about US interests

The US president had ended support for the Arab League’s military

operations against the Houthi militia in Yemen and removed Iranian-

backed Houthis from the terrorist blacklist. Riyadh and the United

Arab Emirates provided weapons. The Saudi Crown Prince had said

in a statement that he did not know what the White House was

thinking. No, it is up to President Biden to think about US interests.

He said that he is not an American so it is not his job to talk about

US interests or state his position.

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