Saba Qamer Wish to Work again in Bollywood
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Lahore (JTN) Saba Qamer Wish

Leading actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Saba Qamar has said that she will work

in Bollywood again if given this opportunity. Saba Qamar talked about the

possibility of working in her neighboring country. She said that she did not get a

chance to thank everyone in India but she Very happy and grateful.

Hope relations between Pakistan and India will be better soon

The actress said, “No, I am also happy that Vidya Balan, Kangana Ranaut, Sri Devi

and Alia Bhatt were nominated in the category of Best Actress at the Filmfare.” Saba

Qamar, when given the opportunity to work with Irfan Khan, said, “She considers

herself lucky that she get the opportunity to work with Irfan Khan.” She expressed

hope for better relations between Pakistan and India, I said that she is hoping for

the best, she is a positive person and inshallah she will work in Bollywood again.

I don’t know about marriage but love is beautiful. Saba Qamar

Pakistan’s Leading actress Saba Qamar while expressing her views on love and

marriage said that marriage is not a bad thing but love is not a bad thing. In an

interview, Saba Qamar was asked if her social media posts made it look like she was

in love or about to get married. In response to which Saba Qamar said that being in

love is beautiful, marriage is not known but making love is not a bad thing, love can

be done.

Fans now I am about to appear on the screen, Leading actress

On the decision to marry Azeem Khan in 2021 and mention of ending the

relationship after that, Saba Qamar said that no matter, Allah will give more, the

right person at the right time has more meaning, the right person at the right time.

She would love to talk about human beings. Saba Qamar said that her 6 new

projects are coming this year. Saba Qamar said that she wants to tell her fans that

you were all asking where am I? So now I am about to appear on the screen and this

year I will see you.

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Saba Qamer Wish , Saba Qamer Wish

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