Russia has lost its war with Ukraine, Tony Radakin

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LONDON (JTN) Russia has lost its war

Britain’s chief of defense staff says Russia has already lost its war

with Ukraine with a flawed strategy. The country’s top military

official, Tony Radakin, told British media that this was a “big mistake”

by Russia. Russia will never occupy Ukraine, he said, adding that

Ukraine would weaken and emerge as a “new power”. He said

Russia had already lost the war strategically.

=Russian forces are conquering 2,3 or 5 kilometers a day,

NATO was strong, Finland and Sweden. Radakin said that apparently

Russian President Vladimir Putin could achieve more powerful

victories in the coming weeks, but that he would sacrifice a quarter

of his country’s military strength for small gains. Admiral said,

“Russian forces are conquering two, three, five kilometers a day, with

which Russia is weakening because it has people. It lacks high-tech


=United Kingdom would continue to support Kyiv

Radakin paid tribute to the brave people of Ukraine, and vowed that

the United Kingdom would continue to support Kyiv “for a long time

to come, with more weapons.” They are also providing modern

weapons and will continue to do so.

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