Rehman Foundation motto Save lives Save humanity

Rehman Foundation motto

(Written By, Shazreh Shahzad student of Mass Communication at BeaconHouse National University – BNU)

The Rehman Foundation is an organization that is around for the

last 16 years, an organization that is helping people who are in need

of dialysis for free. The NGO has multiple centers in different cities

that are operative and are always there to help the helpless people

when it comes to health issues making them one of the finest in

persistently providing the best health services in Pakistan.

Pakistan is the country with the highest rate of kidney failures

Moreover, it isn’t very known to people, and the purpose of writing

this article is so that the readers can get informed about a very

blessed NGO that helps the needy when it comes to diseases.

Pakistan is one of the countries with the highest rate of kidney

failures and due to poverty people are unable to get a cure but as

mentioned earlier, the Rehman foundation aims to put in an effort

to prevent this.

How difficult it is to operate a dialysis center with free

Just a week ago, I had the honor of speaking with the chairman of

the foundation, Dr. Waqar Ahmed where he talked about starting

the foundation in the first place and talked about what other cities

other than Lahore his foundation is operating in. He continued

telling how difficult it is to operate a dialysis center with free

accommodations with almost 150 patients being treated for free

and yet another 100 who are waiting to get cured.

Spreading awareness among people

He went along with why people have this problem and why in

Pakistan is the biggest problem health-wise, it’s because people

don’t do their tests to find out what is wrong with them since they

don’t keep up to look after their bodies. Doctor Waqar Ahmed is on

the urge of spreading awareness among people to get tested and

be aware of the problems they may adopt later.

Any health issue that can be a problem

So it is very important to him that people who have the symptoms

should get tested immediately before the health gets worse since

dialysis is very expensive. The foundation is also keen to give

lectures to people on how to take care of their bodies and stay safe

from any health issue that can be a problem. When asked why he

started the organization in the first place, he said that he was

motivated by a young boy who died due to kidney failure because

of lack of resources and his parents didn’t know what to do since

they couldn’t afford it.

Operative centers in other big and small cities

And to start the foundation he spent money of his own to get the

machines and maintain a relationship of trust with others who were

worthy of giving donations to get more resources that could be

enough to help with the cure. As time went by him along with the

the exceptional effort of his team members of the NGOs was able to

open operative centers in other big and small cities so people in

other cities don’t have the pressure to travel when they have the

opportunity to get cured at a center in their own city.




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Rehman Foundation motto

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