Reference against important personalities of PTI government
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ISLAMABAD: (JTN) Reference against important personalities

According to sources, legal experts are being consulted by the

government to prepare a reference on the alleged

unconstitutionality of the previous government.

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Sources said that a reference is being prepared under Article 6

against important personalities of the PTI government. Preparations

for the reference have been started in the Ministry of Home Affairs

and Law.

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Sources said that material was being collected for reference against
President Arif Alvi, former Prime Minister Imran Khan, including

Qasim Suri and Omar Sarfraz Cheema.

=What is Article 6 of the Constitution?

It should be noted that according to Article 6 of the Constitution,

any person who violates the Constitution by force or by force or

other unconstitutional means sabotages or suspends or suspends or

suspends or acts or conspires to repeal or Destroy or suspend or

suspend will be guilty of serious treason.

(2) A person who assists or assists in the actions mentioned in Joshq

(1), or participates, will also be guilty of serious treason.

(2a) The act of serious treason listed in clause (2) yashiq (2) shall not

be justified by any court including the Supreme Court and the

Supreme Court.

(3) The Majlis-e-Shura (Parliament) shall, by law, prescribe

punishment for persons convicted of serious treason.


Reference against important personalities

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