Randall Paul’s Objection, Aid Package for Ukraine Delayed

WASHINGTON: (JTN Special Report) Randall Paul’s Objection

Republican Senator Randall Paul has raised objections to blocking a

42 billion aid package to Ukraine.

Democrats and Republicans have agreed to help Ukraine as desired,

but the only Republican senator’s objection has stalled its approval,

according to the rules, and cannot be discussed further for at least a


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Senator Rand Paul did not change his position despite strong

criticism in the Senate, saying he had taken the oath of office under

the US Constitution rather than a foreign one. He said he had full

sympathy for Ukraine. Yes, but I am not in favor of continuing to

support it, because we have no more money, if we do that our own

economy will be destroyed, which will endanger our national


The bill was passed by the US House of Representatives by a

majority last week.

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Randall Paul’s Objection

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