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ُُPunjab Economic ties with the European Union

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Punjab Economic ties

Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar and EU Ambassador to West

Pakistan Apostle Kaminara mentioned problems with mutual

interest, development of relations, and enhancing cooperation in

numerous fields. The EU Ambassador offered technical help in

water waste management. We wish to strengthen relations with the

EU. Up these relations can profit people. Pakistan has taken

concrete steps relating to GSP Plus. Punjab is committed to the

elimination of kid labor. All voters of Pakistan have equal rights

with no discrimination. Our focus is on the event of backward

areas. There’s a great deal of scope for worthwhile addition in the

field of agriculture and livestock. The EU ought to welcome the

supply of technology in these sectors.

The present government has also taken revolutionary steps on the

ideological front to eradicate extremist tendencies from society.

Every step is being taken to make Pakistan a developed and

prosperous country. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran

Khan, Pakistan is moving towards the journey that Quaid-e-Azam

and Raqbal had dreamed of. Pakistan is our destination based on

tolerance, tolerance, brotherhood, and tolerance. Taking has started

due to the development projects of the government and the C-Pack

project, developed countries have a keen interest in investing in

Pakistan. Investment agreements are being signed with these

countries which will ensure the development and prosperity of

Pakistan. Trade to European markets will be easier through C-


It is gratifying that most EU countries have a soft spot for

Pakistan. Unlike the United States, India is not influenced by

propaganda and acknowledges its human and financial sacrifices

in Pakistan’s war on terror. There is also a good number of

Pakistani immigrants in EU countries Germany and Spain, and the

attitude of the citizens and governments of these countries towards

them is generally pleasant. There is also a large number of

Pakistani students in EU universities. The positive attitudes of

students and migrants play an important role in forging closer and

deeper ties between Pakistan and the European Union.

There is no denying the fact that relations with the European

Union are essential for Pakistan’s trade and economic

development. In such a situation, there is a need to more

effectively highlight the importance of the European Union in the

public and policy-making circles of the country. The most

important need for the hour is to realize the role that Pakistan has

played in leading the fight against global terrorism. At the same

time, the message should be conveyed to the EU member states

that Pakistan should further promote trade relations through this

most effective economic forum. Pakistan and the European Union

should work together for internal and external stability.

European countries want to invest in C-Pack, but more awareness

has to be created in this regard because if there are law and order,

security and stability in Pakistan, then investment will come. The

European Union has become a major economic power whose likes

and dislikes are highly valued by the United States itself. But in

this regard, the country is still not paying effective attention. It is

to be expected that all policymakers in Pakistan will formulate a

solid and comprehensive strategy in this regard.

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Punjab Economic ties

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