PTI will be a serious threat to rival parties in general elections

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Peshawar: (Beauro Chief I.R.Khan) PTI will be serious threat

Journalist Imran Rasheed

According to a senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League (Q), Pakistan

Tehreek-e-Insaf’s ally party, that would change, In the political

scenario, the PTI leadership will not raise its voice loudly for early


=The upcoming by-elections provide an opportunity

According to a report, PTI Chairman Imran Khan was advised by

some aides in the alliance that The upcoming by-elections provide

an opportunity for the party to strengthen its position in Punjab and

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, ( where the alliance is in power ) which will be

a serious political threat to the rival parties in the upcoming general

elections.  By-elections in three constituencies NA 157 (Multan), PP

139 (Sheikhupura) and PP 241 (Bahawalnagar) of Punjab. The polls

are scheduled to be held on September 11, after which elections will

be held for the 11 seats on which PTI members will be elected. After

accepting the resignation, the Election Commission de-notified it.

=Zardari afraid of PTI, reluctant to immediate dissolution of Sindh Assembly

The senior leader of Muslim League (Q) said that the challenge of

these elections while the alliance was in power in two provinces can

easily cope. He said that between rival parties on the issue of early

elections from some background conversations, it has been revealed

that the leader of the People’s Party, Asif Zardari dissolution of the

Sindh Assembly apparently due to the fear of increasing the

influence of PTI in many parts of Sindh not ready to do.

=Dissolution of Punjab Assembly subject to Imran Khan’s wish

The leader of Muslim League (Q) said that Punjab Chief Minister

Chaudhry Parvez Elahi once again assured PTI Chairman Imran Khan

has assured that whenever he says, he will fulfill the commitment to

dissolve the Punjab Assembly. He said that Parvaiz Elahi gave this

assurance to Imran Khan in his first meeting in Bani Gala after taking

the oath of Chief Minister. (Q) League Another well-informed source

in the  said that the chances of going to early elections are very low,

because the PTI leader gave all the those tasks witch were led by

chief minister Usman Buzdar government.

=Completion of mega uplift schemes is also necessary for efficiency

He said that several mega uplift schemes started by the Buzdar

government were implemented by Hamza Shehbaz government had

slowed down so schemes that are close to completion will be

accelerated, So that the legislators of the coalition parties could

enter their constituencies before the next elections, to show people

some plans for development.

=Working relationship with the federal government is difficult

He said that the discussion on the formation of the provincial

cabinet is going on. When asked about the new chief minister’s

policy regarding the government, he said That in the current tense

political environment, the establishment of some kind of working

relationship with the federal government are not possible. Chief

Minister Parvaizalhi will follow the policy guidelines given by PTI.

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PTI will be serious threat , PTI will be serious threat

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