Protests in Baghdad, chanting slogans against Iran

Baghdad: (JTN) Protests in Baghdad

A protest procession was taken out towards the Supreme Judicial

Council in Al-Nusur Square, located in the center of the historic city

of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. The protesters were demanding an

end to corruption and quotas. Protesters also chanted slogans

condemning Tehran’s interference in Iraq’s affairs. They were saying

that Iran’s government will not work in Iraq.

The Protesters comes from several provinces of country

According to the Iraqi News Agency, this protest march in which the

demonstrators of the Tishrin Tehreek forces came from several

provinces, and given foolproof security. It is noteworthy that a few

days ago, violent clashes occurred in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on

August 29, 2022. In which 30 people were killed and around 600

were injured. The demonstrations started last Monday and

continued for almost 24 hours in the highly secured Green Zone.

Government headquarters and diplomatic missions are located in

the Green Zone.

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Supporters of the Iraqi government pitted against each other

loyalists of al-Sadr on one side and al-Hashd al-Shaabi on the other.

The clashes took place when thousands of supporters of the Sadr

movement took to the streets to express their anger. The protests

began when Muqtadi al-Sadr announced his retirement from

politics. The tensions came months after parliamentary elections

of October 10, 2021, al-Sadr won the most seats

in parliament but did not form the government.

Protests in Baghdad , Protests in Baghdad

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