Propaganda against C-Pack and Chinese loans exposed

Propaganda against C-Pack exposed

   The American magazine “The Atlantic” has called the slogan of the

Chinese debt trap a myth and propaganda. Despite global

conspiracies and difficulties, C-Pac is moving forward with new

strength, achievements and investments. The magazine writes that

last year there were vicious attempts to spread misleading

information such as the debt trap, the speed of C-Pack and the

return of Chinese investors, which were spread around rumors to

hide the facts and create ambiguity. The slogan of the debt trap was

aimed at blocking investment and was first used in Sri Lanka.

=+++=Fabricated Story about Chinese Loans=+++=

   According to Cesrajia Surya, a professor at the Sri Lankan Institute

of Policy Studies, China’s share in his country’s debt is 10 per cent.

In addition, more than 60 per cent of this 10 per cent debt is at just

2 per cent interest, adding that it is a myth that Sri Lanka Had to

hand over one of its ports to China. The story was merely fabricated

that Chinese loans had taken over the port of Lincoln due to non-

payment of dues.   False information was used to publicize

Pakistan’s debts, financial crisis and its unsecured foreign exchange

reserves. Has been used to create fear. This is the method used to

defame C-Pack.

=+++=Propaganda campaign focused on Chinese investment=+++=

  The magazine said that Chinese banks have agreed to restructure

the existing loan terms and have never received any assets from any

country. Another US newspaper reported that Pakistan was

indebted to a number of international organizations, but the

propaganda campaign focused on Chinese investment.

=+++=Its also propagandized that IMF loan used to repay Chinese loan=+++=

Since the inception of C-Pack, a full-fledged global propaganda

campaign against it has been going on continuously. Former US

President Trump had issued a statement directly against it and

inside the house there were attempts to somehow stop the work on

C-Pack and if that is not possible then slow down the work. When

Pakistan approached the IMF, it was also propagandized that the

loan could be used to repay the Chinese loan, so the statement was

tarnished that it would not be used to repay the Chinese loan.

However, it was interesting to note that when the loan from the IMF

was being negotiated, the process of repaying the Chinese loan had

not even begun. Then there was the propaganda that the Chinese

loans were being taken at high interest rates. This was denied by the

Chinese government itself, which explained in detail what interest

rates were levied on which loans, how much Chinese investment was

made in C-Pack and how much was borrowed from banks.

=+++=Chinese officials have denied the allegations=+++=

  Chinese officials have denied the allegations in a statement issued

Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s

intelligence have been made more than once. We have given these

few examples to give the readers an idea of ​​the extent to which the

storm of propaganda against Chinese investment in Pakistan has

been raised and what has been done to stop the construction of

C-Pack. Negative propaganda about investments and loans

remained in place, and Chinese engineers and experts working on

C-Pack projects were even abducted.

=+++=India’s hand is clearly visible behaind the Violence in Balochistan=+++=

Seven Sindhi laborers who had come to Balochistan from Sindh to

work were killed in Balochistan. After such incidents, Pakistan also

had to tighten security. India’s hand is clearly visible in these

incidents of violence, which helped in raising a storm of propaganda

against C-Pak, as well as encouraging such incidents that the

Chinese engineers were scared to return. If the ML project of the

railways is slowing down, then negative propaganda can also be

seen in its background.

=+++= American magazine rightly raised the question =+++=

    The American magazine has rightly raised the question that

Pakistan is indebted to many international institutions. No one has

ever propagandized about these loans, on what terms and at what

interest rates, but specifically about Chinese loans. The campaign

was launched to charge high interest rates and if Pakistan could not

repay such expensive loans, Chinese companies would seize its

assets. Even those who call China the “New East India Company” are

inside Pakistan. There are and there are those whose minds

suggested that C-Pack’s plans be frozen for a while. However, the

speedy completion of power generation projects ended the energy

crisis and ended 18-hour load shedding.

=+++= Propaganda Still Spreading against C-Pack=+++=

   Propaganda was also spread about these projects. Despite

repeated explanations from the Chinese government & the C-Pack

Authority, the storm did not subside, but the American magazine

has unveiled the matter in such a way that all the hijabs have been

lifted, exposing the myth of capturing a Sri Lankan port. The Sri

Lankan intellectual himself has written that it did not happen. The

purpose of this myth was to intimidate Pakistan and in the

background it was planning to somehow stop work on C-Pack or

slow down. Although articles are still being published in

international newspapers and magazines aimed at targeting C-Pack

and Pakistan’s social media is also involved in propaganda based on

these articles, The Atlantic He is worthy of admiration. Even now,

this storm will not stop completely, but the intentions behind the

propaganda will be exposed.

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Propaganda against C-Pack exposed

Propaganda against C-Pack exposed

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