PM Shahbaz Quashed the decision to cut HEC’s budget

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ISLAMABAD: (JTN) PM Shahbaz Quashed the decision

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has quashed the decision of Federal

Minister Ahsan Iqbal to cut the budget of Higher Education

Commission (HEC). There will be no reduction in the budget

allocated for education. According to sources, Federal Minister

Ahsan Iqbal had decided to cut the budget allocated for higher

education, which was declared null and void by the Prime Minister.

=Reduced the budget of universities was justify by Federal Ministe Ahsan Iqbal

By justifying, Ahsan Iqbal reduced the budget of universities

According to sources, when the matter reached the Prime Minister,

he annulled the decision to reduce the budget allocated for higher


=The decision of the budget cut put negative impact on HE,PM

Government sources said that Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has

directed the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Planning not to

cut the funds. Higher Education Commission budget cuts in the last

15 years have made higher education have put negative impact, the

process should be reversed.

=The resources of the HEC should be significantly increased, Shabaz

The Prime Minister said that the focus should be on revival of

educational projects in universities across the country He said that

the resources of the Higher Education Commission should be

significantly increased and all possible facilities should be provided

to the teachers and students.

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PM Shahbaz Quashed the decision

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