PKA Amendment Ordinance declared unconstitutional
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ISLAMABAD: (JTN) PKA Amendment Ordinance declared

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has ruled that the ordinance is

unconstitutional. ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of the Islamabad High

Court (IHC), Athar Minallah, has reserved judgment on petitions

relating to the Pika Amendment Ordinance. The High Court declared

the amended ordinance unconstitutional and annulled it.

=Orders issued to complete investigation within 30 days

The High Court ordered the FIA ​​to complete its probe into the

misuse of advertisements in cyberspace within 30 days and

remarked that there was no valid reason for such action. The court

further said that freedom of speech is a fundamental right of

citizens and protection of fundamental rights must be ensured

under the constitution. In addition to the Amendment Ordinance

2022, punishment for defamation has also been declared

unconstitutional under section 20 of the PECA 2016. Earlier on

Friday, the Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court Atharmanullah

remarked that the rights of the people were being violated.

=Freedom of expression is a fundamental right of citizens

Chief Justice Islamabad High Court (IHC) asked Director FIF Babar

Bakht to keep SOPs before the court and they were also trampled.

All can be avoided. Director FIA Babar Bakht told the court that the

law was made and pressured to implement it. The Chief Justice

inquired whether he had taken action against a common man, an

FIR was registered in Lahore and a raid was carried out in Islamabad.

It is to be noted that in the hearing held on March 30, the Islamabad

High Court had declared that not placing the Pika Amendment

Ordinance before the Parliament was malicious of the government.

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The Chief Justice, while expressing his indignation at the FIA, had

questioned the power of arrest in Section 20, what is its justification?

A journalist quoted from the book and how would section 20 apply

to it? The FIA ​​itself created a case to annul this section.

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PKA Amendment Ordinance declared , PKA Amendment Ordinance declared

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