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Ashraf Ghani’s “Peace road-map” for Afghanistan

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Peace road-map

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has drawn up a three-stage “peace

roadmap” for the establishment of a new political government and

lasting peace in the country, which he will present at a key meeting

in Turkey this month. The United States, with the help of the United

Nations is pushing for a conference in Turkey this month to

consider the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, lasting

peace, and the formation of a new political government.

We will present a three-phase peace plan

The first phase involves secession from the presidency, the

establishment of a workable agreement for a political settlement

between the parties, and a ceasefire under the supervision of world

powers. The second phase will hold presidential elections and elect

a new president. The structure of the system will have to be


According to a senior Afghan government official

Ashraf Ghani has already shared his roadmap with foreign capitals,

The United States had hinted at a delay in the withdrawal of foreign

troops by May 1. It has proposed the formation of an

the all-party caretaker government in Afghanistan, which was


The new US administration

embroiled in controversy over the withdrawal of coalition forces

from Afghanistan, fears that if troops are withdrawn without

a power-sharing agreement between the warring parties, the

Taliban will take over most of Afghanistan in two to three years.


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Peace road-map

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