A Seminar on Pakistan free from harassment

(By Imran Rasheed Khan) Pakistan free from harassment

Journalist Imran Rasheed

Rubab Mehdi, Regional Commissioner for Anti-Harassment,

attended a seminar as a special guest. The seminar was held at the

University of Swabi. The Regional Commissioner during his address

also highlighted the issues related to women. “When we talk about

women, we are talking about half the population of our country”.

He added that many women in the workplace are harassed simply

because they are forced to work.

Many women are not treated well and their rights are violated.

However, the government has created many institutions for the

welfare of women and all these institutions are doing a very good

job in their respective jurisdictions. But unfortunately many people

cannot reach those institutions. One of them is FOSPAH. Which is

working hard to make the workplace and office environment unique

for working women and for them.

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The Regional Commissioner also shared the views of Federal

Ombudsman Kashmala Khan and President of Pakistan Mr. Arif

Alvi. At the end of the ceremony, the faculty and the Vice Chancellor

of the University of Swabi welcomed the Regional Commissioner

and commended his work. At the end of the session, a colorful

Basant ceremony was organized to welcome the spring, and cake

was cutted, at the end honors were distributed among the students.

Pakistan free from harassment , Pakistan free from harassment

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