Pakistan drowned by dishonesty, not by water, PEW

ISLAMABAD: (JTN) Pakistan drowned by dishonesty

President of Pakistan Economy Watch Dr. Murtaza Mughal said that

Pakistan drowned by dishonesty not by water. The selfishness of

politicians is increasing the problems of flood victims. They are

disappointing the nation. The relief system of the victims should not

allowed to contaminated by politics, otherwise all the resources

will seen as corruption.

Must Import Food Items from India to resolve People Problems

Dr. Murtaza Mughal said in a statement issued here that the fifty-

year record of inflation in the country has broken, which needs

to resolved. For four months, sales tax and withholding tax on

tomato and onion imports from Afghanistan and Iran have been

abolished, which are insufficient for Pakistan’s needs, but no

decision has taken on the import of food items from India. which is

the result of lack of courage and indifference to the problems of the


The government putting all blame on climate change

He said the government is trying to blamed by putting all the

blame on climate change, but is silent on the poor performance

of the agencies dealing with natural disasters. International aid

organizations want to buy relief goods from India and distribute

them in Pakistan, which is not being allowed, which is cruelty to

humanity. Crops standing on half of the country’s agricultural land

destroyed, forty percent of the grain has lost due to a weak food

storage system, and profiteers are robbing the people with both

hands, but no action is being taken against them.

A political party playing dual attitude on import from India

In these circumstances, a political party is also opposing the import

of vegetables from India for its own interests, which in its era

allowed the import of cotton, sugar and thread to benefit the elite

when there was an emergency in the country.

When Geo-Economics has been given first priority

Dr. Mughal said that when Geo-Economics has been given first

priority, what is wrong in benefiting the people suffering from

inflation by getting economic benefits from the neighboring

country. It is clear from the current situation that Geo-Economics is

given first priority. Prioritization was merely a political statement and

geopolitics still takes precedence.

The selfishness of the politicians is increasing the problems

The selfishness of the politicians is increasing the problems of the

victims, the aid of the victims should not be contaminated by

politics, not ordering cheap vegetables from India is the result of

cruelty to the people, lack of courage, Dr. Murtaza Mughal.

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Pakistan drowned by dishonesty

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