Pakistan needs both China and the United States

Pakistan needs both China and the United States

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Pakistan China United States

(Written By Abu Raja Haider)

In recent times, relations between Pakistan and the United States

have been based on US policy toward China and India, the Afghan

war, and US concerns over international terrorism. Due to this, the

relations between the two countries have not improved. The Biden

administration has also given no indication of the future of the


Pak-China relations

Judging by the official statements and reports of think tanks, it is

clear that Pakistan hopes for a relationship in which the United

States maintain a balance between India and Pakistan and do not

interfere in Pak-China relations. However, Pakistan’s approach does

not indicate what steps Pakistan will take to achieve these

conflicting goals and bring about the desired change in US policy.

All we are being told is that Pakistan is moving beyond global

politics to global trade.

The close relationship between Pakistan and the USA

In fact, trade alone will not do anything, especially when Pakistan’s

status as an economic partner is clear. It is important to look at

history here. The close relationship between Pakistan and the United

States has historically been based on politics (from 1954 to 1965

and then from 1979 to 1990) or because of the threats to the United

States and world peace (2001 to 2011). And this is where the

relationship became logical.

The relationship between the two countries is still political, but it is

now a source of controversy. But co-operation in areas such as

Afghanistan’s stability and counter-terrorism are still possible.

Threat to the security of Afghanistan

The United States believes that if the insurgency continues in

Afghanistan will lead to the growth of terrorism. This terrorism

will not only be a threat to the security of Afghanistan, but it will

also fuel terrorism in Pakistan and thus destabilize a nuclear country.

Is. On the other hand, India is also threatened by jihadists and this

could have an impact on US policy towards China. These sectors are

also the cause of conflict of opinion, policy, and interests between

the two countries.


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Pakistan China United States

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