Pakistan is a cheap sea route to world markets

ISLAMABAD: (JTN) Pakistan cheap sea route

Pakistan is a cheap sea route to world markets, C-Pac is an

important part of China’s road and belt project that will link China

with Africa and Asia, Pakistan has given priority to 6 sectors in C-Pac.

These include trade, agriculture, eradication of poverty and

development of Gwadar.

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According to the report of Wealth Pak, C-Pac accounts for 2.5% of

Pakistan’s annual economic growth which will create employment.

Cheap and easy access to the Middle East will benefit Pakistan.

China is building Kashgar Special Economic Zone which will be

operational after the completion of C-Pac Western Route. According

to C-Pac Authority, China The unit will save 2 to 10 percent and the

prices will be lower. Russia will also be able to access C-Pack.

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Container cost from Pakistan is less than from China. One big

container from China to Europe 15 thousand Euros and Pakistan

From China to the United States at 12,000 euros and from Pakistan

to 6700 euros Pakistan’s rates are cheaper than India, Bangladesh

and Cambodia Pakistan’s labor is also twice as cheap as China’s.

China will relocate textile industry to Pakistan by 2025 on which

income tax exemption is available for 10 years. Machinery import is

also duty free. Gwadar will become a world trade hub in the future.

Pakistan cheap sea route


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