Pak-US Bilateral relations picking up speed again

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WASHINGTON: (Exclusive Report) Pak-US Bilateral relations

Bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United States are

picking up speed again after fluctuating due to the cable gate

scandal and the two sides are now in much more frequent contact

than in the recent past. In recent meetings, the two sides agreed to

expand their ties, which seemed to extend beyond security, strategic

concerns and traditional areas of Afghanistan. To that end, the two

sides met last week on law enforcement and the economy. Issues of

mutual interest were also discussed, with a meeting to be held soon

in the health sector.

=Ambassador Donald Bloom helping to move things forward faster

Although he was sworn in on April 11, 2022, he arrived in Pakistan at

the end of May. Insiders say the reasons behind the current turmoil

are not just political. More visits by US officials than in previous

years In addition, a full ambassador is far more powerful than the

charge d’affaires, and the arrival of Ambassador Donald Bloom is

certainly helping to move things forward faster. In his first meeting

with the Prime Minister, the Ambassador visited Afghanistan.

Thanking Pakistan for the prompt and effective assistance provided

during the evacuation of US personnel and refugees from

Afghanistan, the two sides reaffirmed their commitment to promote

peace and stability and prevent the humanitarian crisis in


=PM Shahbaz desire to enhance Islamabad Washington relations

A press release issued later said that Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif

expressed Pakistan’s desire to further enhance relations between

Islamabad and Washington on the basis of mutual respect, trust and

mutual interest. He apprised the US companies of the economic and

demographic potential offered by Pakistan, which should be

encouraged by the US Development Finance Corporation to invest

in it. Improving is the top priority of the current government’s

foreign policy Pakistan has also taken several steps to address US

concerns. Pakistan also wants to resume strategic dialogue with the

United States, which has been suspended since 2016 and on which

the US is apparently not much interested.

=US encouraging Pakistan to improve the business environment

Washington believes that the content of the strategic dialogue Is

lacking and Pakistan has used it more from the public point of view

but some people also say that the US does not want to disturb the

Indians by making progress in this direction and instead leans

towards working group meetings. Parallel to this was the visit of US

Special Representative for Trade Dilawar Syed, the highest-ranking

Pakistani-American in the Biden administration. He is visiting

Pakistan to explore possibilities for strengthening trade ties. At the

end of his visit on Sunday, Dilawar Syed said that the United States

has been encouraging Pakistan to improve the business

environment so that it would be easier for American businesses to

invest, work and create jobs in the country.

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During his visit to Islamabad, Dilawar Syed called on Foreign

Minister Bilawal Bhutto met with Zardari and Commerce Minister

Syed Naveed Qamar and discussed the decades-old history of

economic partnership between the United States and Pakistan.

Dilawar Syed also called on Finance Minister Muftah Ismail and

expressed interest in investing in various sectors including

renewable energy, textiles and agriculture. Informed about the

reforms in the policies formulated by the present government, it was

further stated that these reforms are aimed at increasing the GDP

growth, attracting foreign direct investment and increasing the

country’s exports.

Pak-US Bilateral relations . Pak-US Bilateral relations

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