New Zealand announces reopening of its airspace
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Auckland (JTN) New Zealand announces

New Zealand’s state-run airline is set to launch the longest flight of

its career. The New Zealand government has announced the

reopening of its airspace to revive the country’s tourism industry.

=Air New Zealand flew between Auckland and New York

According to foreign media reports, for the first time in its history,

Air New Zealand flew between Auckland and New York. It has been

decided to start a series of direct flights. These long-haul flights will

start from Auckland from September 17 this year. Given the number

one, these numbers give an idea of ​​how important this new Route

Air is to New Zealand, and this news is an indication that New

Zealand is gradually opening up to world tourism.

=Tickets has started on Air New Zealand’s website

“Traditionally one and two numbers are used for the airline’s

flagship route,” said Greg Foreign, chief executive officer of And

New York will be the flagship route for us. He said that there will be

three Boeing 787 Dreamliner flights a week between the two cities,

the sale of these tickets has started on Air New Zealand’s website.

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