"NATO" is merely a military tool to for the US, Chinese Media
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Beijing (JTNPK) “NATO” is merely a military

“China is engaged in a” blockchain policy “for the United States,” the

Chinese media said in a statement.

The main source of existence and a military tool to maintain its

supremacy is the United States and

At the same pace as NATO, contrary to US claims, due to the

complex differences between Europe

It’s hard to walk.

NATO is back “once”

NATO called on US and European leaders at the NATO summit on its

official website

Participation photo released. Trying to send a message to the world

with this beautifully designed scene

NATO is said to be back “once again”. US President Joe Biden also

after the summit

Looking forward to announcing that NATO is as “strong and united”

as ever.

No one can cleverly hide big differences

Is that really true? The “crisis of legitimacy” within the world’s largest

military alliance

No one can cleverly hide big differences. “Former NATO” as a

product of the Cold War

There is absolutely no need for India to return

The United States and Europe have slightly different interests.

Europe Concerned Over Ukraine Crisis, US Urges Fire

For Europe, a real guarantee of energy security can only be


The Ukrainian crisis must be resolved peacefully as soon as possible.

The United States certainly knows this, but it does

Not “worried” like Europe. The United States is fanning the flames,

and still the Western world

As a leader, he is constantly pressuring his allies to “surround” Russia

and maintain its supremacy.

Is maintained.

Where did the Ukraine crisis come from? People’s big question

As Ken Stone, head of the Hamilton Armistice Alliance, a Canadian

anti-war organization, said.

NATO is an aggressive military organization led by the United States

that, according to its charter, has long been

More than a month into the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

has been done. More and more people are asking, where did the

crisis in Ukraine come from?

Today, the initiator of this crisis has neither the sincerity nor the

readiness for a peaceful solution.

And he is still considering shedding the blood of others for his own

benefit. Is America like this?

Worth the trust of Western allies?

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“NATO” is merely a military , “NATO” is merely a military

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