NATO countries are using the Ukraine crisis, US media
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WASHINGTON (JTN) NATO countries are using

NATO countries are using the Ukraine crisis to advance their long-term military

plans, according to a US media report. An article on the magazine’s website states

that after two decades of ending the 20-year US occupation of Afghanistan and the

war on terror, it is time for the United States to critically examine its

military ambitions and disarm.

Washington is doing the opposite,

Let’s move the process forward. An article by Michael Ratner Middle East Fellow

Khoury Peterson Smith at the Institute for Policy Studies says Washington is

doing the opposite, considering (US President Joe Biden) considering a record 23

770 billion military budget for 2023.

Washington and NATO cannot allow countries to use Ukraine’s horrific scenario

The article urges Westerners to call on their governments to open the door to

Ukrainian refugees and all refugees, many of whom have fled US violence and its

allies. Have become homeless. The article says that Washington and NATO can’t

allow to use Ukraine’s scenario for a justification for further plans. It states

that, unfortunately, this is

exactly the path they are taking.

NATO countries are using

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