Muftah Ismail Unaware of Web3.0, Art Tech & D,Currency
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Washington (JTNP) Muftah Ismail Unaware

Federal Finance Minister Muftah Ismail has said that the new

government of Pakistan will soon run out of petrol , Prices are going

up. He said this here at the Pakistani embassy ,Briefing the media, he

said that special talks are underway with the IMF Specified points.

Earlier, a Washington-based think tank, the Atlantic Council, Talking

to when the host said that only Web 3.0 and digital currency sector I

have the opportunity to export up to 100 billion to Pakistan in the

next 20 years.

= What do you think of this new field?

Ismail laughs and says he doesn’t really know about Web 3.0, tech

and digital currency What they are, but it is known that art tech and

new technology companies last year They have made a lot of money

in Pakistan.

= Don’t know how to help these companies

We want these companies to prosper, but they do not know how to

do it However, they do know how to harm these companies

Yes, they think that if the government stays away from them, it will

hurt these companies a lot Muftah Ismail added that we should not

be too involved in these new companies. Tax them and leave them

alone so that they can continue to grow on their own.

= The government is accepting the IMF’s terms

In a conversation with a delegation of US Pakistan Business Council

where they are Pakistani The priorities of the new government were

to rectify the deteriorating state of the economy. Minister The

Treasury acknowledged in a media briefing that the IMF government

was working to get the economy back on track Is accepting the

terms of Accordingly, subsidy on petroleum products Will be taken

back As a result, their prices will increase There is no other choice.

He added that to satisfy the IMF The tax system will be reformed

and the sovereignty of the SBP will be ensured Will be made.

= The United States is fully committed to securing loans

The government is approving the IMF’s terms, which will cost us 6

billion Will be able to get help. The Finance Minister clarified that we

need Pakistan through IMF Has the full support of the United States

in obtaining loans. The Minister of Finance He said he had had

encouraging talks with US investors Pakistan is ready to invest in

various projects that the government will do everything possible

Will facilitate.

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Muftah Ismail Unaware

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