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Modi’s letter India-Pakistan

(Writing: Abu Raja Haider)

It is not that there has been no desire for peace between the two

countries in the past. Yes, the prime ministers of the two countries

have made positive statements in the past, expressing hope for

good relations.

On the occasion of Pakistan Day,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote in a message to Imran Khan

that “India wants cordial relations with the people of Pakistan.

An eight-member Pakistani delegation

led by Pakistan’s Indus Water Commissioner Syed Mehr Ali Shah is

holding talks with its Indian counterparts in New Delhi for the

annual Indus Water Treaty negotiations.

The talks are taking place after two years.

the directors of military operations of the two countries suddenly

declared a ceasefire on the Line of Control and since then the

ceasefire has been fully implemented.

This sudden announcement

of the ceasefire took everyone by surprise and echoed in many

quarters that Indian and Pakistani officials were holding behind-the-

scenes talks to normalize the situation.

It is also pertinent to mention here

that the reason for the current relations and statements between

India and Pakistan in diplomatic circles are being termed as ‘track to


Following the agreement, some Indian and international

newspapers published reports of possible secret talks between

Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval and his Pakistani

counterpart Moeed Yousaf.

Yousuf had denied the allegations in a tweet, saying the allegations

were baseless.

The name of former army chief

General Jahangir Karamat also came up again and again, but

Jahangir Karamat’s Sources close to the matter expressed ignorance

in this regard. ===> Read More

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Modi’s letter India-Pakistan

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