Jennifer Aniston appeals for women in Ukraine's military
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WASHINGTON (JTN) Jennifer Aniston appeals

Leading Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston has appealed to her

fans to donate to help women who risk their lives to protect their

country and nation in Ukraine and other neighboring countries.

Jennifer Aniston shared her message photos of Ukrainian

Jennifer Aniston shared her message on the occasion of

International Women’s Day on the photo and video sharing app

Instagram, and shared several photos of women soldiers and

civilians in the Ukrainian army.

Think the women and girls are fighting valiantly for their country

She wrote in her message that Think of the women and girls who

are fighting valiantly for their country and people today. She wrote

that as a military officer, as a mother, as an organizer, as a protester,

as a journalist, she risked her life in Ukraine and neighboring


These women are incredible, Jennifer Aniston

These women are incredible and the whole world stands by them.

She shared links to the websites and social media pages of all the

organizations working to help the brave women and girls in war-

torn countries.

Jennifer Aniston appeals


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