Jamshed Dasti reached Peshawar to pick up his bride

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PESHAWAR: (IR.Khan) Jamshed Dasti reached Peshawar

Journalist Imran Rasheed

Awami Raj Party chief and former National Assembly member Jamshed Dasti has reached Peshawar to pick up the bride. Jamshed Dasti had left his hometown Muzaffargarh with great fanfare yesterday. On this occasion, referring to his late mother, he said, “I wish my mother were alive, she desperately wanted my marriage to take place in her life as soon as possible, but Allah did not approve of this and She passed away.

=On this occasion, He referring to his late mother

Jamshed Dasti said that I am also remembering these happy moments very much. I also wished that she could see me becoming a bridegroom. Before leaving for Peshawar, the leader of Awami Raj Party said that I wanted to take it but it is not possible due to the long journey.

=Jamshed Dasti got married last year with woman of Mohmand Tribe

Jamshed Dasti further said that I belong to a poor and middle class and I represent the poor and laborers. Inflation is high. I will do it in a month which will be very simple and only lentils will be fed in it. Remember that Jamshed Dasti got married last year. He was married to a woman belonging to the Mohmand tribe in Peshawar. His wife has a BS in Biochemistry from Gomal University.

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Jamshed Dasti reached Peshawar

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