Iran refuses to sell oil to West

Tehran (JTN) Iran refuses to sell oil

Iran has refused to sell its oil to the West, saying it has three new

buyers. “Despite the sanctions imposed on Iran, we can sell our oil

to new buyers because despite the sanctions imposed on us and the

enemy’s efforts to reduce our exports to zero, Iranian crude oil

exports have increased,” he said. “Iran’s crude oil exports have

increased due to the efforts of the employees of the Ministry of Oil

and in the coming years our daily production capacity of crude oil

and gas condensate will not be 4 million barrels and according to

the plan this number is 5 million 700,” he said.

=Our oil exports increased compared to last year, Iranian Minister of Petroleum

He said that in terms of volume, our oil exports increased compared

to last year and the rise in international prices also increased our oil

revenues. The chemical industry has a production capacity of 68

petrochemical complexes of about 90 million tons which Cash from

sales and exports of crude oil, gas condensate, petroleum products

and petrochemicals as compared to 2021. Receipts have increased

by almost 2.5 times and we have also seen an increase in exports of

pure natural gas compared to last year.

=The Ministry of Oil is looking for new buyers

He said that at present the production capacity of the Iranian

petrochemical industry is about 90 million tons in 68 petrochemical

complexes which Over the next four years, it will reach 140 million

tons, most of it from the supplementary industries to the

petrochemical industry. The Iranian Minister of Petroleum said that

the Ministry of Oil is looking for new buyers and Utilizes all internal

and external capabilities and diversifies its contracts.

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Iran refuses to sell oil , Iran refuses to sell oil

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