Pakistan found an alternative to the Internet through China

Islamabad (JTN) Internet to Pakistan through China

Pakistan found an alternative to the Internet through China, from

Rawalpindi 1092 Km Optical Fiber Cable Completed To Khanjrab,

From Rawalpindi To Gwadar And Karachi will cost Rs 37.9 billion, of

which 15% is local and 85% The total length of Pak-China cable is

5255 km. Regional links will also be established between

Afghanistan and Iran.

=The project will connect China and Pakistan through land links

Pakistan found an alternative to the Internet through China

According to the report of Wealth Pak, Pak-China optical fiber cable

project China and Connecting Pakistan through ground links in the

field of telecom Will attract international business people and

landline internet with China The service will provide a better way to

communicate. Pakistan Telecommunication According to the annual

report of the Cation Authority, the Special Communication

Organization It also connects Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-

Baltistan with China Adds

=Under C-Pack, the project will diversify the means of communication

The project was recently completed under the China-Pakistan

Economic Corridor Program Has gone to Rawalpindi for the first

time to establish land connection with China About 1,092 km of

optical fiber cable from Khanjarab and Karimabad to Khanjarab

Laid out Its total length to China, including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-

Baltistan, is 5,255 Km and it increased by 2.4% during the financial

year 2021. Of Natel CEO Wahaj Siraj told Wealth Pak that the

ground cable connection with China is Pakistan Will provide an

alternative Internet route and diversify the means of communication.

=In case of interruption in maritime cable, Pakistan will use alternative connections

He said that if there is any disruption in the sea cable, then Pakistan

has made land connection This telecommunication will use an

alternative connection from a different route in the form This would

be a big step forward for China’s internal Internet users Is in the

millions and is currently the global hub of Internet users. Optical

Fiber cable was commonly used where two countries were

landlocked. Pakistan already has ground cable from Afghanistan and

China through C-Pack Connected to Ground cable is cheaper than

marine fiber cable.

=Talks are underway with Chinese operators for more traffic

According to the annual report, Pak-China optic fiber cable project

was launched in 2018 Under which future information in C-Pac trade

corridor in Pakistan There are many opportunities for the

development of communication and technology. Chinese Link

Operational And at present China Mobile International Zong from

China to Europe and from China to Pakistan Driving up to.

Meanwhile, various locations in the Middle East, Africa and Europe

Talks are underway with Chinese operators for more traffic.

=Regional ties will also be established between Afghanistan and Iran, Wealth Pak said

Expansion of this network from Rawalpindi to Karachi and Gwadar in

Phase Two of the project included. The PTA’s annual report states

that the Prime Minister April 30 The project was inaugurated in 2021

in Gilgit. From Rawalpindi at this stage The C-Pack route to Gwadar

and Karachi will cost Rs 37.9 billion 15% will be local and 85% will be

foreign funds. The plan is a national infrastructure Will build and

reduce dependence on foreign infrastructure. This is China and

neighboring countries It will also provide regional links between

Afghanistan and Iran and Pakistan Will form a hub for regional



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Internet to Pakistan through China , Internet to Pakistan through China

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