Indian Muslim women face discrimination in getting jobs

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New Delhi: (JTN) Indian Muslim women discrimination

In India The Muslim women are Facing discrimination in terms of

employment. According to the media reports, a 10-month study

by the Lead Buy Foundation witch found that Hindu women were

given one job instead of every two jobs against Muslim women and

the Discrimination was found.

=Leadbuy Foundation Investigative report result

The foundation selected Muslim woman Habiba Ali and Hindu

woman Priyanka Sharma for the investigation. Over a ten-month

period, 1000 job applications from each profile were sent to 1000

job portals such as LinkedIn and Jobs.

=In terms of employment, Discrimination was found.

The results of the survey were astonishing. According to the

research, 41.3 per cent of recruiters contacted Priyanka while only

12.6 per cent contacted Habiba. 208 positive answers to Hindu

women, 103 answers to Muslim women. In terms of employment,

the rate of discrimination in North India is 40%, while in South India

it is 60% and in West India it is 59%.

=What is Employment Discrimination?
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Indian Muslim women discrimination
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