Indian Army Dossier Unfounded, Pakistan

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ISLAMABAD: (JTN) Indian Army Dossier Unfounded

The Foreign Office categorically rejected the “baseless allegations”

leveled against Pakistan by the Indian Army through a “so-called

dossier”. Rejects the so-called dossier, the text of which reveals false

information and false claims and perceptions aimed at drawing the

world’s attention to India’s own state terrorism in occupied Jammu

and Kashmir and widespread human rights violations. This is India’s

worst and most organized campaign to remove it.

= Pakistan regularly provids dossiers with comprehensive evidence

“The fact is that in the last few days there have been several

incidents where direct links between the perpetrators of violence in

Occupied Kashmir, Odepur and other areas and the Bharatiya Janata

Party (BJP) have been revealed,” the statement said. The Foreign

Office Spokesperson said that Pakistan has regularly provided

dossiers based on comprehensive evidence and through strict laws

in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, there is undeniable evidence of

serious and widespread human rights violations by the Indian

occupying forces. Issued with “The evidence provided by Pakistan

provides a comprehensive documentation of the reality of India’s

planning, assistance, encouragement, financing and implementation

of large-scale terrorist activities in Pakistan,” he said.

=Attempts to do so and baseless allegations exposed

The spokesperson said, “It is unfortunate that instead of fulfilling its

obligations under international law and ensuring its own, India has

given the people of Occupied Kashmir their inalienable right to self-

determination as per their wishes.” Fake accounts have been chosen

to divert attention from ensuring, ”the statement said, adding that

India should focus on fixing its own affairs. A Foreign Office

spokesman said: Attempts to do so and baseless allegations of

terrorism against Pakistan have been completely exposed.

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Indian Army had prepared a 33-page defense dossier, which claimed

that Pakistan had a “terrorist plan” against the neighboring country.

I was told that the so-called dossier claimed that Pakistan was

allegedly helping extremists to carry out “terrorist acts” across the


Indian Army Dossier Unfounded

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