India take steps to prevent recurrence of missile accident

Vienna (JTN) India take steps to prevent

Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schillenberg has stressed the need for further

confidence building measures between India and Pakistan to prevent a recurrence

of a missile accident in the nuclear-armed South Asian environment. Alexander

Schlinberg expressed the hope that all necessary steps would be taken to prevent

such an incident from happening again.

Pakistan’s cautious response to the Indian missile incident is commendable

However, he praised Pakistan’s cautious response, which averted a possible

confrontation. He emphasized the need for restraint and confidence-building

measures. “I am confident that in terms of economic cooperation, He said that there

is a huge potential in Pakistan.

Austrian companies looking  for new opportunities

He said that Austrian companies are always on the lookout for new opportunities

and new markets, so I hope that this visit will be a milestone in the relations

between Austria and Pakistan, not only politically but also economically. He will start

a new era. He helped in the development of the northern areas He also talked about

the possibility that often attracts Austrian mountaineers. He said that there would

be many opportunities for Pakistan to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of

Austria in tourism which is world class in this field. Leader and expert on Alpine


Pakistan and Austria views are similar on the Afghan Issue

On the Afghan issue, he observed similarities between the views of Austria and

Pakistan, which seek security and stability for the Afghan people. “As we face a

situation where Europe is once again at war and the world is witnessing the greatest

displacement since the end of World War II, we need to The flow of additional

migration must be avoided.

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India take steps to prevent , India take steps to prevent

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