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It’s India responsibility to lead the way to prosperity

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India responsibility lead prosperity

The aggression of the Indian top Minister Narendra Modi

authorities, Pakistan’s method is to settle disputes at the negotiating

table and make certain lasting peace. implementing the equal

coverage, two years in the past, on February 27, the Pakistan Air

force shot down two Indian Air force planes getting into the

Pakistani territory for the cause of aggression or arrested a pilot.

With what super capability did the Pakistan Air pressure address

aggression. This operation of the Pakistani Shaheens become

referred to as “Operation quick Retart”.

=-= Pakistan Wormly Welcome Ceasefire on LOC by India.

Two years after the incident, significant progress has been made in

Pakistan and India to ensure a ceasefire on the Line of Control.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan welcomed Indian Act, and

offered his country is ready to resolve all outstanding issues with


=-= Pakistan committed a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue.

Addressing the second anniversary of the success Operation quick

Retreat, Air leader Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan assured that the

Pakistani forces and the country are with them within the warfare of

Kashmiris. The Pakistani kingdom could be very happy with the

super response to India’s irresponsible Air Strick years in the past.

Pakistan committed Jammu and Kashmir issues in accordance with

the aspirations of the Kashmiri humans.

=-= Pak Armed Forces will always defend the motherland. ISPR

The Chief of Public Relations of the Pakistan Armed Forces said that

February 27, 2019, is a day of commitment that the Armed Forces

will always defend the motherland against all threats with the

support of the nation.

=-= Pakistan India has great similarities Accept Good Relations.

Pakistan and India not only have geographical proximity but also

have great similarities in terms of history, civilization, language, and

culture, despite differences in religious beliefs. However, good

neighborly relations have not developed between the two countries.

=-= Narendra Modi’s politics based on anti-Pakistan Sentiments.

Relations remained strained for the majority of the period after

independence. Although Narendra Modi’s politics is based on the

fifty-fifth century, Pakistan is a subject of aggression. Promoting

anti-Muslim sentiment in his own country nation and, through

formal means, infringing on their fundamental rights. His law is

defined by legislation. Similarly, inciting anti-Pakistan sentiment is a

bad idea. sentiments in the interest of India’s prominence among

the world’s major powers

=-= Pakistan is a reality that cannot be erased, Atal Bihari Vajpayee

It is in the best interest of the Indian people to be the Indian

leadership Abide by the words of former Indian Prime Minister Atal

Bihari Vajpayee, in which he said that friends can be changed not

neighbors. Atal Behari Vajpayee recognized Pakistan in Minar

Pakistan and Happy Pakistan is a fact that cannot be erased,

India Willing to resolve all bilateral disputes, including Kashmir,

through peaceful dialogue. By adopting this pragmatic stance,

Modi’s Government can pave the way for all to prosper Region,

including India.

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India responsibility lead prosperity

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